Why we Love Tees?

We love T-Shirts!  Not just we at Shirt Up and Tee, but most people.  In fact, beyond native tribes and indigenous people, you may hard pressed to find a person who doesn't own one. But it wasn't until the 1950s when the T-shirt took center stage courtesy of the silver screen.

But why do we love this simple little garment? 

Great question. 

So we went to find an answer and landed on an amazing article on  What are we going to do next?  You got it! Share it here.  Take a looksy!

(From Nobody wears a T-shirt quite like Stanley Kowalski. That's because nobody had really thought of wearing one like that until Marlon Brando played the character in the 1951 classic "A streetcar named desire."

Until then, the T-shirt was largely considered an undergarment, acceptable at best as an unseen layer under a Navy uniform or a proper shirt. But Brando made it look so good that it inspired capable imitators like James Dean, who wore it under his signature red Harrington jacket in 1955's "Rebel without a cause."

Thus validated, the T-shirt became the world's most ubiquitous garment and a blank canvas for expression. It can be unassuming or provocative, it can come from a five-pack or a couture collection, it can be sexy or ironic, it is at once democratic and elitist. "Luxury is the ease of a T-shirt in a very expensive dress," Karl Lagerfeld once said.

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