How to Cut Your T-Shirt

Cut T-shirts or what some call "shredding" tees is one the latest fashion trends.  For some reason, people have decided that it's cool to wear your clothes torn up from day one.  AND WE LOVE IT!  Distressed jeans, ripped sweaters, cut and torn T-shirts are all over the fashion scene, so why not make your own?  So, you just got your new T-shirt from Our Favies from us, what's next?  You guessed it.




Okay, don't cut the one you just got, practice first.  And to help you out, here's a couple of videos from Carah and Zalie, who know how to make the cuts (literally).

Here's a few easy cuts from Carah Amelie:

So, you've got some basic cuts, but what about those fancy cuts that I know you (and we, too) love!  They may take a little more time, but here's another video primer by one of our favies, Zalie Cannonier:


And of course, you don't have to cut your T-shirt, at all.  But for those who love a good trend, here's one that isn't going away anytime soon!

So, by all means, shirt up (cut up) and TEE!